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The Game is a realist. In a recent interview, the Compton rapper was candid about the existence of Detox, saying not to get your hopes up for it’s release while also comparing the increasingly mythical album to Jesus Christ. 

The rapper, and occasional reality star, was discussing the Dr. Dre produced “Dead People” off his recent Jesus Piece album with VIBE. Of course, the topic of the legendary producer’s long anticipated follow up to 1999’s The Chronic 2001 album was raised.

Detox is…yo, it’s like Jesus. Will you ever really get to see Jesus? It’s like a Hip-Hop Jesus,” said the Game. “Everybody always asks me about it like I know.”

The Game is privy to more than most since it was Dre who signed the rapper and famously said “look out for Detox” on his “Higher” record, which dropped in 2004.

“I been in there since the beginning of my career helping Dre with Detox,” explained Game, while adding his theory on the album’s delay. “Dre is a hard guy to please. It’s hard to even get your own album out. I’ll say that for me and Em, and 50 and Kendrick and everybody else over the years. He’s so critical… If he doesn’t become 100 percent happy, then we’ll probably never end up hearing Detox. I’ll say never.”

Early last year, Rick Ross said he was working on Detox, too. That clearly didn’t speed up the album’s currently non-existent release date. Watch the video to hear more of the Game’s work with the good Doctor below.

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Photo: VIBE