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Azealia Banks will make her silver screen debut in the musical drama, It Doesn’t Have to Rhyme, directed by RZA. The Lionsgate/Codeblack production is based on an aspiring rapper who finds her passion for slam poetry.

Philadelphia-bred songstress Jill Scott returns from a self-imposed hiatus with a visual for a soulful song called “You Don’t Know,” the focus of Hip-Hop Wired’s Daily Visuals.

Hollywood and vanity are essentially synonymous. It’s a place where men and women are pressured to look their best based on someone else’s standards. Fortunately, these beautifies couldn’t care less that they aren’t aren’t a size zero. Kelly Clarkson A source told OK! Magazine that Mrs. Clarkson is in no race to lose her baby weight.

We’re not going to mince any words here: Jill Scott is stacked. While we recognize that she’s one of the most talented vocalists of our times and by all accounts a genuine soul, we’re not going to pretend we don’t notice her other, ahem, formidable attributes.

For those keeping tabs, Jill Scott and Eve were asked about cultural appropriation in Hip-Hop, so of course Iggy Azalea came up. The R&B chanteuse was quite diplomatic when discussing Azalea’s “blaccent,” but nevertheless the Grand Hustle rapper eventually threw some shade, via Twitter.

In a perfect world, celebs could post on social networks without worrying about info leaking. But as we all know, this world is far from perfect.

Iggy Azalea is as unavoidable a topic in Hip-Hop right now as any, and much of the chatter around the popular rapper has been about her authenticity. Two of Philadelphia’s finest, Jill Scott and Eve, recently discussed and dissected Iggy Azalea’s faux Black accent and much more.

Add Jill Scott to the pot of Philadelphians in hot water over Bill Cosby’s growing list of rape allegations.

Jill Scott confidentially dropped some inaccurate knowledge on the Twitterverse Wednesday (Nov. 25), and the side effect was glorious. The hashtag #HotepHistory lit up the ‘Net with ridiculous “historical” notions, like the one Scott tweeted without doing so much as a Google search first.

The Internets has Sister Jill Scott feeling a ways. After a nude pic (which she confirmed) of the singer and actress leaked yesterday (September 3), which quickly escalated commentary on Black Twitter, the “A Long Walk” singer did some venting this morning.

A pair of alleged, leaked nude pic of singer Jill Scott set the Internets on fire. However, the Philadelphia native is only copping to one of the pics, saying the other is simply not her.

We’re not sure where this will land, but does it even really matter? Philly diva Jill Scott and TDE crooner SZA connect for a new record called “Divinity.”