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Jill Scott: Who is Jill Scott? Tour 2023 - Sugar Land, TX

Jill Scott might be a beloved vocalist but she is currently catching the wrath of X, formerly Twitter, after taking a moment to show love to Chris Brown. When challenged about Brown’s history of domestic violence, Jill Scott doubled down and seemingly defended her abusive stepfather because he happened to be an expert at laying concrete foundations.

On Sunday (April 21) in the wee hours, Jill Scott posted a tweet praising Chris Brown, who is currently having a war of words with Quavo of Migos fame.

From X:

@chrisbrown is amazing. How does ANYBODY sing like THAT? Dance, look, Act and Rap… like THAT? Beyond gifted. It appears, exceptional people have to go through exceptional [fire emoji]. There’s nothing to debate.

The Philadelphia songstress was challenged by an X user who wrote, “I think the women he’s abused would disagree,” to which Scott answered, “I doubt it. My Mother’s ex husband was a mean, violent human AND he could lay foundation better than anyone in my city. What he did with cement was awe inspiring. We got away. He got a raise and praise for his ability. God dealt with the rest.”

Scott’s words sparked a flurry of criticism from fans on X who pointed out that her praise of Brown and the attempt to humanize her stepfather was a slap in the face of victims of domestic violence.

Scott continued to try and explain that she wasn’t making an excuse for her stepfather nor was she attempting to shift blame. Her stance, from what we gathered, is to note that terrible people often do terrible things but they’re also capable of change.

“Look. Years of prayer, therapy, self reflection, & making every effort to keep my feet on the ground has made me compassionate for other human beings. People go through [poop emoji] and do terrible [poop emoji]. We say we believe in God ; pray for enlightenment. We ARE a living testimony,” Scott wrote hours after her initial comment.

On X, the reactions to Jill Scott bigging up Chris Brown and pushing back against the critique had her trending near the top of the list on the social media network. We’ve got reactions from all sides below.

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