John Cena

As season one concludes, the premium streaming service says it will bring back the show for a second season, and fans on Twitter react.

It’s here, the first trailer for F9, the next film in the $5 billion Fast and Furious movie franchise and it looks like this action-packed ride will be just as, or more ridiculous than the last movie.

Hip-Hop music catches negative press for its sometime violent overtones but brutal programming such as UFC and the WWE seemingly get a pass. A 13-year-old boy may set those beliefs in the opposite direction after he has been convicted for the killing of his 5-year-old sister by emulating the moves he learned on TV from […]

Having attended WWE’s Wrestlemania and Hot 97’s Summer Jam in the past year, I can tell you a thing or two about the inescapable links between the biggest spectacle in Sports Entertainment and the biggest show in Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is as more about the entertainment value than it ever is about the true essence of […]

After a record setting crowd in Miami’s SunLife Stadium, celebrity cameos from Diddy, Alex Rodriguez, Chili, Flo-Rida and being the social media event of the year, do you still think people don’t watch pro wrestling? You’d be sadly mistaken my friend, because in the past 12 months pro wrestling has been regaining traction and popularity […]

Pro Wrestling’s Superbowl, Wrestlemania, broke attendance records, broke limbs, and broke new talent. Prior to the biggest main event in the event’s history which pitted Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson against John Cena, Diddy introduced XXL Freshman Machine Gun Kelly to a raucous Miami crowd of close to 79,000 people. MGK performed “Invincible,” alongside Skylar Grey […]

WWE superstar John Cena returned to his roots last night on Monday Night Raw as he donned a throwback Mark Price jersey and became the “Doctor Of Thuganomics” once again. In Cleveland, Ohio with Bad Boy Records’ Machine Gun Kelly in the crowd, Cena spit some bars and got under The Rock’s skin for the […]

Bad Boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly has the honor of landing John Cena’s official theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment’s Wrestlemania XXVIII. WWE (formerly the World Wrestling Federation) will be holding their annual Wrestlemania pay per view extravaganza on April 1, 2012, at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. MGK’s song “Invincible” well serving as the introductory theme Cena. “The reaction […]