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Hip-Hop music catches negative press for its sometime violent overtones but brutal programming such as UFC and the WWE seemingly get a pass.

A 13-year-old boy may set those beliefs in the opposite direction after he has been convicted for the killing of his 5-year-old sister by emulating the moves he learned on TV from WWE superstars John Cena and Mark Henry.

Reports NOLA:

Devalon Armstrong had admitted he killed Viloude Louis, 5, with the “John Cena Slam” and the “Mark Henry Slam,” named for the wrestlers he emulated, when he threw his body or elbow into the petite girl’s torso 15 to 20 times at the family’s apartment on June 16. He pleaded guilty in November to negligent homicide, reduced from a manslaughter charge, and faced a sentence ranging from probation to five years in a juvenile detention center.

The boy’s sister told him that he was hurting her, but he continued to slam, punch and elbow her for at least two to three more minutes before he stopped to take a telephone call from their mother, Fortunato said.

Devalon told investigators he knew that television wrestling such as WWE is fake. But Vasquez noted he smiled and appeared to enjoy talking about the wrestling moves, Fortunato said.

The WWE released a statement at the time of the incident sharing their remorse but citing “criminal intent to harm and a lack of parental supervision” as the culprit. Vilger Louis, the little girl’s father said his stepson was likely to commit another crime if was able to be let off the hook because of his young age.

Do you feel like the young Armstrong will learn right from wrong during his stint in juvenile detention or is he a menace to society in the making? Speak your piece in the comment section below and check the pics in the galleria.

Photo: Nola, Joy105, WDSU, Facebook

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