Twenty-year-old Simone Johnson will not be known by a moniker that is any variation of her famous father’s. The daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was signed to the WWE in 2020, but her debut was delayed due to a knee injury. When she does take to the ring, she announced on Sunday that she […]


For the past few years fans of the WWE have been complaining about the baffling moves and roster cuts the company has made and now the talent itself seems to be revolting against the higher ups.


Walemania is set to take place at The House of Blues and will include The Masked Man Show Live podcast, surprise guests and naturally, a performance from Wale himself.

During a sequence of moves, wrestler Big E suffered a broken neck but shared a video with his legion of fans that he's well on the way to recovery.

To get ahead of leaks, 2K decided to give us our best look at its revigorated WWE 2K franchise.

WWE is coming for their coin in 2022. The sports entertainment conglomerate has hit strong arm Hip-Hop collective Griselda Records with several copyright strikes on YouTube.


Though The Migos didn't put hands on any of the wrestlers as celebrities who attend WWE PPV events tend to do, they did get to have some fun in the ring and stand on the ropes to take in the love that the crowd was serenading them with.


Though it does sound ludicrous, the man put on a pretty impressive show this past Saturday night at Wrestlemania 37 when he and Damian Priest took on The Miz and John Morrison.

Bow Wow is looking to make the jump from the recording booth to the wrestling ring.

Gaspard was one half of the tag-team duo Cryme Tyme with his partner, JTG. He was 39.