Wall's basketball career has been replete with some ups and downs, and that might be the reason many on Twitter are expressing shock that he's due to earn millions in the upcoming season.

Fans hoping to see a backcourt with the former top pick of the 2010 NBA Draft and one of the league's most dynamic scorers could be let down.


We're not entirely sure why all of a sudden throwing up Blood at a Brooklyn jam deserves an apology while throwing up B's during a playoff game doesn't, but whatever the case may be we know for sure it's not because NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is Cuz or something. Least we don't think. For all we know Adam Silver's related to Cameron Terrell or something.

John Wall is an NBA All-Star point guard who has unfortunately been on the shelf because of injuries. However, in a clip posted online, his skill at throwing up gang signs in still sharp.

You can’t say you saw this coming, or maybe you did since the team is 5-11. According to reports, the Washington Wizards are open to trading star point guard John Wall. 

John Wall checked in for camp with Team USA. No big deal since he’s one of the best point guards in the world, but it’s his headshot that’s getting all the attention. 

John Wall showed up to Team USA camp and this was his headshot. The jokes truly write themselves, but the best are on Twitter.

Comedian Lil Duval had the nerve to D up NBA star John Wall, and his ankles paid the ultimate price. 

Like 2015 NBA All-Star game MVP Russell Westbrook boldly mentioned during his halftime interview, the talk of the town has become a player’s fashion sense. Most of the top individuals in the league entrusted 23-year old custom clothing veteran and Alba Legacy Chief Visionary, Jhoanna Alba and her Alba Bespoke team to design and coordinate […]

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