Joyner Lucas accused Civil of taking $60,000 as part of a digital marketing plan and doing nothing to boost his career and others are alleging the same on social media.

Benzino challenged the rappers to a VERZUZ battle, which didn't get the response he hoped.


With two 2020 albums under his belt in Evolution, ADHD Joyner Lucas’ been making some good noise and has decided to finally give a rare interview to none other than your favorite morning trio, The Breakfast Club. For damn near one hour the “I’m Not A Racist” opened up on everything from the roots of his beef with Logic to getting death threats for working with Ashanti?! Wtf?!

Lucas was already on Smith's radar after the rapper's video cleverly captured the look of the Hollywood actor's movies.

In the inventive clip, Lucas reimagines himself as the Hollywood superstar by incorporating his hit television show and movies in clever fashion.

Joyner Lucas has proven time and again he’s unafraid to use his pen and skill to examine a bevy of topics, and he has a new track out pairing with one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated — and hated — veterans in Eminem. The song, “What If I Was Gay” was teased then released Halloween, and the […]

Joyner Lucas took aim at conservative pundits Tomi Lahren and Laura Ingraham on his “Devil’s Work” track and it caught the attention of Lahren. After the host reached out for a discussion, Lucas shot down the opportunity and shared details via an Instagram story message.


Looks like Joyner Lucas really did take issue with Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg and his activities during his appearance on Real Late With Rosenberg this past November.

Tory Lanez is apparently ready to go to lyrical war with the entire Hip-Hop industry, and his boastful claims have gotten the attention of one Don Q. The Bronx rapper threw a shot towards Lanez, with his Canadian rival firing back as expected.

In one of the oddest beefs to crop up on the scene in some time, Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas have locked horns in a lyrical war that has escalated in the last 24 hours. Trying to make sense of it proves difficult, but it appears Lanez, who is best known for singing, threw the […]

Joyner Lucas is emerging as one of Hip-Hop’s best storytellers and he’s creating some of the most captivating videos in rap in the process. His latest video for “I’m Sorry” proves this.

If you’re under the impression that Jamaica is all Sandals resorts and premium ganja, allow Joyner Lucas to physically show you how the majority of the population is currently living.