Justin Mitchell

Police in Georgia have charged a man believed to have gunned down rapper Justin “Yung Teddy” Mitchell earlier in the month, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports. Curley Dean Holden, goes by two different names, and is accused to shooting Mitchell as two women watched.

Yung Teddy was shot and killed in Atlanta on January 2, hours after tweeting about someone wanting him dead. Yesterday (January 11), authorities released a sketch of one of the two suspects being sought for the murder of the 23 year-old rapper born  Justin Mitchell.

Atlanta police have identified a female suspect in the shooting death of 23-year-old up-and-coming rapper, Justin “Yung Teddy” Mitchell. Yachari Kiyana Miller was charged for allegedly sending text message to Mitchell. Among the messages included “You a dead man walking,” and “This your year to die,” all of which Mitchell posted online. 

A rapper from Atlanta was shot and killed Wednesday (Jan. 2) hours after tweeting about his demise. The body of Justin Mitchell, who rhymed under the name Yung Teddy, was found in an Austell, Ga. home at around 10:18 p.m.