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Atlanta police have identified a female suspect in the shooting death of 23-year-old up-and-coming rapper, Justin “Yung Teddy” Mitchell.

Yachari Kiyana Miller was charged for allegedly sending text message to Mitchell. Among the messages included “You a dead man walking,” and “This your year to die,” all of which Mitchell posted online. 

A day later he was dead.

Mitchell’s body was found at a home in Austell, Ga.  last week. Since there were witnesses to the fatal shooting , police are looking to apprehend two people believed to be involved but have yet to make any arrests.  Both described as Black men, the first suspect is between 5-foot-4 and 5-foot-6 and covered his face with a navy blue bandana. The second suspect is described as being roughly 20 to 23 years old, has a thin build, and stands between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-9.

Authorities have charged Mitchell with one felony count of terroristic threats and acts. She is being held without bond at the Cobb County Detention Center.

Miller is the latest of several rappers who have died after posting about their demise, like rapper Freddy E  who tweeted about killing himself  over the weekend, just before taking his life.

Anyone with information on Miller’s death is asked to contact the Cobb County police at 770-499-3945.

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