Sheck Wes just caught a legal break as he was able to dodge any charges in the abuse allegations that Roc Nation singer Justine Skye had thrown at him earlier this year.

Justine Skye is covering her legal bases. The Roc Nation singer has been granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Sheck Wes. 

The Justine Skye and Sheck Wes saga continues to unfold. The Roc Nation sing apparently did seek assistance from police but her claims fell on deaf ears.

Justine Skye is clearly feeling empowered and is doubling down on her allegations that Harlem rapper Sheck Was physically abusive to her. Today (Feb. 12), the Roc Nation singer shared video footage and texts that cast the “Mo Bamba” rapper in the worst of lights. 

Today (Feb. 11), singer Justine Skye took to Twitter to expose her alleged abuser, rapper Sheck Wes. The Roc Nation artist put the “Mo Bamba” rapper on blast while accusing him of stalking her and her current boyfriend (who happens to be rapper GoldLink) and eventually having his goons allegedly attack the couple. 


Over the weekend social media was abuzz when Justine Skye kinda implied that Sheck Wes subjected her to physical and mental abuse during their relationship.

Justine Skye opened up by sharing eye-opening details of the physical and mental abuse she endured in her new record and video “Build.” After she pressed the like button on a series of tweets implicating rapper Sheck Wes, fans are in full cancel mode and want the “Mo Bamba” rapper outta here.