It’s not every day that a Black person can turn racism into opportunity, but New York bird watcher Christian Cooper appears to have done exactly that. The man who went viral after Amy “Central Park Karen” Cooper (no relation, although I wouldn’t be surprised if she called the cops to accuse a Black man of […]

By all indications, there’s a white mother in Charlottesville, Virginia, who is using her biracial son’s newfound appreciation for his Blackness as an excuse to be racist AF and express her long-held belief that Black people invoke racism to evade accountability, not because we actually experience racism all the damn time. Or at least that’s […]

What is it with these Karens and their Kent-le-men counterparts acting a caucasified fool on airplanes?

If the privileged, entitled and often dangerous white women we not-so-affectionately call “Karens” have nothing else, they have the nerve.


Lowkey feels like once Biggie died, the colonizers saw their opening and took it.

These Karens are extremely out of control. A white woman had a weepy-eyed meltdown in a Victoria's Secret store after the cell phone footage being taken of her made it clear she was the one acting a fool, and it was being record for all the world to see.

Of course, another Karen couldn't let the year come to an end without making an absolute scene drenched in racism.

A white woman in Los Angeles is being dragged online after a video of her attempting to stop a Black man from doing his job has gone viral. On Wednesday (Jul 22), Jordan Gipson took to Instagram to upload a video of the negative encounter he had with an unidentified white woman with the video starting with the eccentric, and nosey, woman asking why Gipson is wearing “that green thing,” referring to his protective face covering.

As the world continues to rally for social equity there are some Black people who prefer to sleep on the floor in Uncle Tom’s cabin. Two women have been exposed as house Negros.