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Airplane Karen

Source: @ATLUncensored / Twitter

What is it with these Karens and their Kent-le-men counterparts acting a caucasified fool on airplanes?

Recently, another member of the mile-white club went viral after being caught on camera assaulting another passenger who had but one request: “Sit down, Karen.”

According to the Grio, the incident occurred on December 23, on Delta Airlines Flight 2790 from Tampa, Florida, to Atlanta. The altercation reportedly began when some white woman named Patricia Cornwall, who, according to the New York Post, was an NFL cheerleader and an actress who played a small role nobody remembers on the show Baywatch, couldn’t get to her seat after using the restroom because a flight attendant was moving through the aisle with a beverage cart.

Now, seeing as this is the kind of thing that happens commonly when flying, one would expect that Cornwall simply waited patiently until she could get back to her seat—but that wouldn’t be very Karen-like, would it? So, instead of being cool about it, Cornwall decided to reach to the very peak of Mt. Caucasity after being told by the flight attendant that she would have to simply take a vacant seat until the cart was out of her way.

“What am I, Rosa Parks?” she replied.

White people, hear me and hear me clearly:


You’re not Rosa Parks under any circumstances. Whatever battle or mandate or government interference or overreach or indoctrination you think you’re fighting, your pasty-white self and your pasty-white protest over whatever pasty-white controversy you’re whining about are not to be compared to the civil rights movement in which Black people were fighting for their very right to exist.

Another passenger, who is white, tried to explain this to Cornwall, but, predictably, she wasn’t trying to hear it.

“You’re not Black, this isn’t Alabama, and this isn’t a bus,” the older white male passenger rightfully told Cornwall. So Cornwall went on to demand the man put on his mask as if that had anything to do with her behavior, and he told her he was eating then at one point told her, “Sit down, Karen. You’re a god**** Karen, sit down.”

As they kept arguing, the man called Cornwall a “b**ch” and she responded by throwing hands.

“That’s assault, now you’re going to jail!” the man said—and he was right.

As soon as the flight landed, Cornwall was arrested and later taken into FBI custody. After spending Christmas Day in jail, she was allowed to fly home to Los Angeles after posting a $20K bond.

I guess the Karen should’ve just sat the hell down.