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Angela Baker

Source: WTOL / WTOL

If the privileged, entitled and often dangerous white women we not-so-affectionately call “Karens” have nothing else, they have the nerve.

On Thursday, a white woman from Ohio was sentenced to six months in prison for shouting racial slurs at a group of Black teenagers and trying to hit them with her car in a grocery store parking lot. During sentencing, the woman reportedly broke down in the saltiest of mayonnaise-flavored tears and tried to justify her actions by essentially saying Black people have “terrorized” her for years and that’s the reason she felt the need to terrorize complete strangers who happened to be of the melanated variety.

According to Raw Story, 43-year-old Angela Baker was found guilty of two felony charges of ethnic intimidation related to the KK-Karens-gone-wild incident that took place in front of a Meijer grocery store last year.

Lucas County Judge Lori Olender tried to tell Baker about herself during sentencing, but breaking through a wall of racism and white entitlement isn’t as easy as, say, running down a bunch of Black kids minding their own business with ones car.

“You were driving what the state of Ohio considers a deadly weapon. You were in a running car. Those boys were on foot,” Olender said. “You could have hit either of those boys, whether you wanted to or not because you can’t always control a deadly weapon.”

But Baker had a different take on things. She reportedly responded by crying like a grown-up baby whose white privilege credit card just got declined and exclaimed several times that “I’m being terrorized” while also claiming several times that she’s been “harassed, threatened, and tormented” by Black people over an extended period of time.

First of all, I’m going to need Nazi Nancy to stop lying. I would sooner believe that orange was Donald Trump’s birth color than I would believe that a white woman who has demonstrated her racial animosity and willingness to use Black teens she’s never met as speed bumps is actually the victim of harassment and violence at the hands of Black people. Nah, non-sis, the Emmett Till energy is radiating too strong off of you for me to buy your Klanny white nonsense.

But even if what Baker said were true—which it isn’t—what the hell does that have to do with the Black teens she shouted slurs at and tried to run over? All this time white people have been telling us they’re not responsible for slavery, Jim Crow or any of the other historic atrocities committed against Black people in America, and here we have a white woman who wanted to lynch random Black kids over the offenses she said other Black people committed during her lifetime…which she’s probably lying about.

Thankfully, Baker’s white tears didn’t win her any favors with the judge. If only that were the way things always turned out.