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white woman karen in brooklyn dog park

Source: @FredTJoseph / Twitter

UPDATE: After causing an uproar with many felt were racially motivated actions at McCarren Park in Brooklyn over the weekend, Emma Sarley has released a statement explaining her “stay in your hood” comment saying she was referring to “another dog park outside of this neighborhood park” and apologized for the incident altogether.

“I was frustrated and upset, but to be clear – I had no intended racial undertones in my comments whatsoever. I said it because it’s an unstated rule at our local park that when a dog is being aggressive, owners immediately remove them so it can be a calm, welcoming environment for everyone else. However, I fully understand how my words could’ve been interpreted and I deeply wish I had chosen them more carefully. A brief and thoughtless moment in my life has now led to nationwide outrage and hurt. For that, I am sorry.

“I want to clarify that I never threatened to call the police. I never went on a tirade. As the dog owners followed me down the street with the phone camera on, I was filled with some panic because I’ve never been in an altercation like this and reacted in an inappropriate way. That’s what you witnessed on that tape.

I’ve lived in New York City for a decade, my Brooklyn neighborhood and dog park is extremely diverse, something I truly love about this city, and I never meant for my words to contribute to pain for anyone. I truly hope we can find understanding and a peaceful resolution to this, for everyone involved.”

Well, at least she didn’t use that “My best friend is Black” malarkey in her statement. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if this is enough to sway people to forgive her and revoke her cancelation papers in New York City.


Brooklyn has become so gentrified that a white woman filled with that MAGA energy mouthed off to a Black couple who dared to walk their dog at a park this past weekend.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by Fredrick Joseph, he describes how a “Karen” in a dog park in Williamsburg told them to stay in their own hood because apparently Brooklyn belongs to colonizers now. Seeing that things could go left, Joseph pulled out his phone and began recording the encounter before the women in question flipped him off and tried to smack the phone out his hand. After repeating her racist comment to her, BK Karen attempted to play the victim and accused the couple of saying that to her.

Luckily a white man who witnessed everything confirmed on video that it was her who made the initial statement before she walked off into the night and possibly made her way to Starbucks (just an educated guess, no shots).

“At the dog park in Brooklyn with my fiancé and this white woman was threatening to call police and told us to “stay in our hood” because she had our dog confused with another dog who had been barking loudly. So, I started recording and she tried to slap the phone out my hand.”

Lowkey feels like once Biggie died, the colonizers saw their opening and took it. Now Brooklyn is basically an extension of The Village or something.

Raw Story is now reporting that the woman has been fired from her job due to her racist tendencies.

After the woman was identified as Emma Sarley, Fredrick Joseph wasted no time tagging her employer, Bevy, a community events software platform, and CEO Derek Andersen in a tweet.

“Hey (Derek Andersen) I see that (Bevy) is attempting to be better about race, equity, etc.,” Joseph wrote on Twitter. “Thought you should see this (video). I’m hoping Black colleagues and peers don’t have to face this sort of racism from Emma.”

Andersen later wrote: “Spoke with (Frederick Joseph) about his and his fiancé’s horrific experience from last night. So sorry to them for what has happened. No one should treat people the way we witnessed. This is extremely troubling. I will update you shortly.”

And just like that, she’s out of a job.

Once again the internet puts a racist on blast for their actions. Shout out to everyone who helped identify the woman in question and holding her accountable.