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homophobic karens

Source: @theblackbayarea / Instagram

It’s June, which means it is officially Pride month across the country, where the lives of the LBGTQ community past, present and future are honored and celebrated. But unfortunately, there’s a lot of people who still don’t get it, as seen in a shocking viral video.

The Black Bay Area LLC, an Instagram account, secured video of an incident that took place at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Sacramento, California. Dominique Veasley, a queer Black woman from Oakland was out in the pool with her girlfriend. As they kissed, they were verbally harassed by a trio of white women who were in a cabana nearby who ungraciously asked the couple to stop kissing because there were children around.

Other people that were there weren’t having it, though. One person in the pool began to yell “SHAME,” forcing the women in the cabana to get up and leave as others joined in the chant that went on for three minutes straight. One woman fled, but the other two bigoted Beckys didn’t leave quietly—one of them cursing at those in the pool and the other filming while shouting at them.

“Do you have kids? Good, because you’d be a terrible father!,” one woman yelled while holding her drink. Another woman gave the bird to the person filming the entire incident. One of the KKKarens even claimed they weren’t racist because they were Hispanic. The group was later escorted off the premises by security, and the hotel issued a statement denouncing their actions.

Check out the video of the situation below.