During the 2021 NBA Draft, Clarke was made an honorary draft selection in one of the most emotional moments we've seen in sports all year.


More bad news for Drake. The University of Kentucky sent the Toronto rapper a cease and desist letter related to his involvement with its basketball program and a potential recruiting violation.

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After the University of Kentucky Men’s basketball team lost to the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday (April 4), hordes of angry fans took to the streets of Lexington. In the end, 31 people were arrested while at Wisconsin the scene was reportedly calm in comparison.

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Friday night (October 17), Drake, a well-documented Kentucky Wildcats fan, suited up with the team and participated in the pre-game warm at their midnight madness event.

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When it’s all said and done, Drake could make the Guinness World Book of Records for being the most triumphant, yet consistent victim of slander the world’s ever seen. Yesterday, the Toronto rapper cleared up the slanderous accusations saying that he’s a bandwagon Kentucky Wildcats fan who switched sides after their NCAA national championship game lost.

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Drake started his career in the acting world, and will make somewhat of a return by lending his voice to film. Drizzy was announced today as narrator of the Turner Sports documentary, Bluegrass Kingdom: The Gospel of Kentucky Basketball, to air on TruTV next week.