Waka Flocka Flame gets dragged on social media after supporting a wild comment Keri Hilson made about free speech in reference to Trump's Twitter ban. Hilson later follows up her initial comment with another to explain what she really meant to say. Either way, Black Twitter had enough of them both.

Keri Hilson just doesn't know when to relax. After Donald Trump was finally banned from Twitter, and multiple other social media platform, the increasingly irrelevant R&B crooner took it upon herself to defend Habanero Hitler in the name of free speech.

The R&B songstress isn't the first person to make a zany claim about COVID-19 and the rapid spread of the virus.

Sunday (Mar 24) Centennial Olympic Park was the place to be for McDonald’s All American Games Fan Fest. Fans packed the venue enjoy performances from some of music’s biggest stars.

On Saturday, March 11, R&B crooner and noted thirst trap setter Keri Hilson hosted the grand opening Arif Lounge in Atlanta.

Keri Hilson is an accomplished singer and actress. However, it’s her thirst trap worthy Snapchat pics that currently have Twitter foaming at the mouth.

Occasional R&B singer Keri Hilson knows exactly what she’s doing. The crooner with no gag reflex took to Snapchat and posted a clip of herself in a revealing outfit—and a cameo by her vagina was covered by a monkey. 


No, Keri Hilson is not in the news for her music, or for commenting on Beyonce. This time, the R&B singer was trending on Twitter because of Snapchat and her popsicle. 

Maybe Keri Hilson was genuinely feeling sorry for Rachel Dolezal when she put her neck on the line and saw the bizarre situation as a “glass half-full.” Or maybe she just felt like it had been a while since her name had been trending. Whatever the case, the R&B singer decided to put the target […]

A lot of celebs have a crazy fan base, but not many are as ride or die as Beyonce’s beloved Beyhive. You say one thing wrong about the Queen and they will come for your entire life.

Keri Hilson painted the town red in Atlanta last night and her locale of choice was the swanky Prive Nightclub.

Earlier this month, Timbaland revealed some behind the scenes action on the making of Jay-Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail album. The Virginia producer also turned heads after sharing that he and Hov had beef. A video released yesterday (July 17) shows Timbo speaking more on the rift, and how he penned an apology song to […]