Jack Harlow is serving up extra herbs and spices as a new meal in collaboration with KFC was announced on Monday. The partnership will also see a limited edition line of merchandise released through KFC’s mobile app as well.


KFC Gaming decided to partake in the historic and annoying tradition of April Fool's Day.


Is Kentucky trying to rival Florida when it comes to all-out f*ckery? For your consideration, a woman shot up a KFC drive-thru because they forgot to give her a knife and fork.


With Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A battling it out for chicken sandwich supremacy, the OG of southern fried chicken franchises, Kentucky Fried Chicken has now thrown its hat into the ring. KFC is looking to ruffle some feathers amongst its competitors with it’s riskiest artery-clogging contraption yet!

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Actor Ray Liotta is KFC's new Colonel Sanders. 


Actor and comedian has been cast as KFC’s first African-American Colonel Sanders. Seriously, we’re not making this up. 


As if it’s not bad enough that 70 percent of the nation’s chicken contains cancer-causing arsenic, a California teen got a fowl surprise from KFC last week. Then youngster found what looks like a chicken’s tiny brain in his $4 meal, and he wants a refund.


Fast food see its latest “innovation” in KFC’s newly christened Double Down Dog.


Last week, the entire world was appalled at the alleged lack of compassion a Jackson, Mississippi KFC had after they asked a three-year-old girl to leave the premises. Their reasoning stemmed from her face sportly ghastly scars after she had been previously mauled by dogs.


Danny Brown and his infamous toothless grin played well with his hard-partying image and dexterous rhyme flows. Fans of that look, however, will have to roll with a new version of the grin after Kentucky Fried Chicken helped pay for the Detroit rapper’s dental reconstructive surgery.

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Black people and fried chicken is an unshakable stereotype that has gone into overdrive thanks to the countless commercials linking us to our alleged Kryptonite. Mary J. Blige made the world to let out a collective sigh, when she appeared in a Burger King commercial about a chicken wrap—which has since been pulled. Blige belted out […]