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If you say you saw this coming, you’re a damn liar. Actor Ray Liotta is KFC’s new Colonel Sanders. 

Yes, the Goodfellas actor is going to be slinging fried chicken.

Reports USA Today:

The actor portrays founder Col. Harland Sanders in a new ad campaign in which he can’t decide whether sweet and tangy Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ chicken or spicy and smoky Nashville Hot chicken is authentic Southern flavor. He argues both sides and appears to start to hallucinate. The two chicken dishes are part of KFC’s new line of regional flavors it’s introducing throughout the U.S.

According to the company, Liotta was hired “for his celebrated ability to play multi-faceted characters.”

Whatever happened to the Black Col. Sanders?

Ahh well, secure that bag, Ray.

Watch the new spot below.

Photo: screen cap