Keep in mind that Steph Curry is only 33-years-old and at the clip that he shoots 3-pointers on a seasonal basis he can very easily reach 4,000 career triples when it's all said and done.

Some five months after Matt Barnes allegedly two-pieced him for dating Gloria Govan, Derek Fisher is finally speaking out. The former New York Knicks coach gave his side of the story in a long-winded essay for The Cauldron, where he also addressed getting fired from the team.

How much does it cost to speak your mind at work? If you’re Matt Barnes, the bill is pretty high.

Last night, Kevin Garnett won. Thanks to some surely vile trash talk, he helped Carmelo Anthony go  6-26 from the field. Sure the Celtics beat the Knicks 102-96, but the bigger story of the night, and today, has been the alleged cereal slander he sent Melo’s way.

Last night in Madison Square Garden, “Linsanity” returned for a night as Jeremy Lin suited up to take on his former team. 

Lakers fans are going through life changes right now, but their loyalty remains inspiring. However one notable Laker may have either shown a noble example of sportsmanship, or an obvious sign of betrayal.

Last night’s hot ticket in Miami was at the American Airlines Arena as the Miami Heat took on the New York Knicks. 

It has been reported, starting center and all around defensive force for the New York Knicks Tyson Chandler, may miss the crucial game 1 start against rival and 2nd seed Miami Heat. Tyson Chandler lead the league in Field Goal percentage with a .681 percentage mark (next best was Dwight Howard with .573), the first Knick […]

Yahoo Sports is reporting that coach Mike D’Antoni has resigned as the head coach of the New York Knicks. In a season that has seen more ups and downs than any in recent New York sports history, D’Antoni steps down as the head coach of the Knicks just hours after star forward Carmelo Anthony denied […]

Chris Paul has requested being traded to the Knicks, Mavs, Magic, or Trailblazers. With the internet buzzing over where Chris should go and ESPN sports analyst waiting on the slightest bit of a tip whether or not a trade will happen, the question remains where would be the best place for Chris to go? Click […]