Last Kings

If Tyga is indeed cursed for the year 2015, this newest lawsuit has painfully he still has roughly an half of year to endure it.

Rapper clothing lines have thankfully become more scarce because let’s face it, a lot of their ideas suck.

YMCMB rapper Tyga opened his Last Kings flagship store in Los Angeles this past weekend. Besides having a litany of celebs like actress Keke Palmer, NFL player Desean Jackson, NBA star Rajon Rondo and fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa in attendance, the “Rack City” rapper dropped a cool $120K on the store’s decor, including a $20,000 […]

Tyga’s “Faded” , featuring Lil Wayne is MTV’s Jam of the Week so until we get an official online release, the TV rip is going to have to due for now. From bobble heads to mink coats, saying this video is all over the place is an understatement. With all the momentum Tyga has right now […]