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Rapper clothing lines have thankfully become more scarce because let’s face it, a lot of their ideas suck.

Tyga doesn’t suffer from the affliction of lame fashion sense and after a successful February launch of his Last Kings flagship store located on 7829 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, he’s turning the temperature up for the summer release.

MYX Fusions Moscato kept all the guests bubbly with their Coconut, Peach, and Original Moscato flavors as T-Raww unveiled his latest threads. The summer 2014 line is as extensive as any seasonal collection could possibly get. It features 30 new pieces, complete with signature Egyptian and hieroglyphic patterns. The initial rollout of the store cost him several pretty pennies so he and his design team aren’t skimming out on the quality, to say the least.

Flip through the gallery below to check out the Tyga’s latest royalty fabric. Even if you don’t leave in the area, the Last Kings online store is always open for business.

Photos: Michael Bezjian/FYI

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