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The singer of “Adorn” should not be going out like this. R&B crooner Miguel was been arrested for driving while drunk in Los Angeles early this morning (August 15). 

Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown took to the streets of Los Angeles on Friday, August 2 to shoot the video for their “Love More” collaboration. 

This is a story all too familiar for brothers in the hood. Last night (July 16), Nipsey Hussle was in the Liemert Park section of Los Angeles at a rally for Trayvon Martin when cops handcuffed him under suspicion that he was packing a gun. However, when the authorities searched him they discovered the rapper didn’t […]

All over the country people took to the streets Sunday (July 14) for mostly peaceful protests honoring the life of Trayvon Martin, after his accused killer was acquitted of all charges. Adding to those in South Florida where the second-degree murder trial of shooter George Zimmerman was held, hundreds in New York City, L.A., Washington […]

Fat rappers are big in rap music, and they’re often secure with their rotund figures. Notorious B.I.G. never let his weight hold him back and Rick Ross is quick to go topless,  but Joe “Papa Joe” Aviance wasn’t as excited about his large figure.

Live music video channel, Boiler Room, has been putting on jam packed intimate events with artists large and small for a while. Last week in Los Angeles, Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah graced the stage along with some notable special guests, including the RZA.

Struggle actress Amanda Bynes has become a media sensation for all the wrong reasons. The former Nickelodeon teen star has endured some tough times over the last year including a series of arrests, like her most recent run-in with NYPD last week for kush possession. 

Nipsey Hussle back? Actually, he never left and we get a second new tune in three days from the Los Angeles rapper called “Face The World.”

Future took his turn up skills to Complex + Sonos “Night of Music and Art” at Sonos Studio in L.A., Friday (May 3) night. As expected, the auto-tune aficionado didn’t disappoint.

Los Angeles has lost famed Hip-Hop station, 93.5 KDAY— again. The station will be switching its format from Hip-Hop (old school and new) to an all Chinese language format.

In the high-stakes world of college basketball, players dream of making it to next level and the potential millions to be earned. For UCLA freshman hoops standout Shabazz Muhammad, however, it appears that his father has been grooming him for the pros in a shady fashion. 

It appears that Lil Wayne’s seizure scares aren’t completely behind him. For the second time in recent months, the New Orleans native was hospitalized, over the ailment.