lose yourself

Eminem wins a copyright lawsuit that he brought against a New Zealand political party that used lyrics from his hit "Lose Yourself" without consent.

Don’t mind Kelly Clarkson, she’s used to soda and nuggets and just out here thuggin’. While on the road in Detroit, Michigan Kelly Clarkson decided to pay tribute to the hometown hero from 8 Mile Road, Eminem. The OG American Idol donned her grey hoodie, flipped it up, and channeled her inner Marshall Mathers and […]

The XFactorUSA- Astro-performs Eminem’s-Lose Yourself – Movie Night Wednesday night Astro took the X-Factor stage as the only rap act among singers to the judges delight. Eminem has never licensed his music for a performance but on movie night the kid from Brooklyn, Brian Bradley did a rendition of “Lose Yourself” that won him a […]