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Madonna, the Pop singer with a tendency to kick it with your favorite rappers, took a massive L at the 2015 Brit Awards yesterday (Feb. 25). While performing, the Material Girl couldn’t get her cape off and when a dancer assisted he ended up causing her to fall backwards and down a few steps.

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Photos of pop icon Madonna alongside the likes of Nas and Chance The Rapper weren’t for play. Two songs by the singer — one featuring each of the aforementioned rappers — arrives today.


Apparently rapper loving Pop singer Madonna has a new album dropping called Rebel Heart. But the Internets didn’t appreciate her using images of icons like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. to promote the project. 


Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow” single is doing just fine on the Billboard Charts so the Aussie rapper declined to promote it with a MTV VMA publicity stunt.


Justin Timberlake may be able to text Jay Z and Timbaland at a moment’s notice, but perhaps he has been overestimating the credit limit on his Black card.

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Here’s a lovely treat for all you Eve fans. A previously unreleased song from the Philly rapper called “The Beat Is So Crazy,” originally recorded for Madonna’s 2008 Hard Candy album, is unearthed today.

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Publicist are paid to work magic when it comes to damage control but Madonna should have known that her that it was too soon to swipe her Black card after dropping N-bombs in reference to her son on Instagram.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” is up for Song of the Year during the 2014 Grammy Awards and they’re staging an enormous promotional effort during their performance.


Madonna seems to have a penchant for the outlandish dating back to the early stages of her career to even more recent outbursts. The latest for the pop diva involves her using the N-word on an Instagram post while giving her teenage son props and bashing critics for her use of the slur.


Chance the Rapper has had a whirlwind year, stemming from the release of his Acid Rap free album. The Chicago recording artist has seen his mug gracing magazine covers to creating his own mini-movies.


Live Nation Entertainment, the major concert company, is in negotiations with the management companies of Irish rock band U2 and pop superstar Madonna. If the deal is made, it will give Live Nation a major boost as both are among the most popular touring acts of the last three decades.


Despite global fame, it appears that singer-songwriter Madonna broke some etiquette rules late last week during a film screening for 12 Years A Slave in New York. Allegedly, the Pop music icon called a person an “enslaver” for telling the star to stop texting during the movie, which got her banned from the theater in […]