Basketball legend and entrepreneur Magic  Johnson is reportedly making plans to make a huge business move. Magic is believed to be in talks to buy Johnson Publishing Co., the publishing company responsible for popular Black magazines Ebony and Jet. If a deal is worked out, Magic Johson’s Magic Johnson Enterprises which has partnerships with T.G.I. […]

In five years, there could be a vaccine to defeat AIDS, genital herpes, Alzheimer’s, Malaria, and Tuberculosis among several other common illnesses such as urinary tract infections and grass allergies. That suggestion directly contrasts the former truth of what was once a dying part of the pharmaceutical industry. Investments in the drug industry have allowed […]

Baby Jordan a/k/a Lebron James wants NBA players to stop wearing the # 23 in honor of his “Airness” Michael Jordan and is willing to start a petition as he plans to jerk Michael off even more. King James has even vowed to quit wearing the # 23 and switch to his Olympic jersey No, […]