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Michael Jordan Says Magic Johnson Is The GOAT of Point Guards

Source: Lori Shepler / Getty / Michael Jordan / Magic Johnson

In a rare move, Michael Jordan has weighed in on the debate on who is the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA.

Earlier in the week, Steph Curry shook the professional basketball tables when he proclaimed that he was the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA on an episode of Gilbert Arenas’ podcast. ESPN’s all-star loudmouth, Stephen A. Smith, backed up Curry on a recent episode of First Take.

Having heard enough, the undisputed GOAT, Michael Jordan, decided to break his silence and sent an early morning text message to Stephen A. Smith, and he read it on First Take:

Per HypeBeast:

Although greatest of anything is always a debate, I beg to differ on greatest point guard of all-time… Magic Johnson is easily the best point guard of all time. Steph Curry is very close, but not in front of Magic.” While Jordan does not think Curry is better than Johnson, he does give him the nod of being the best-shooter ever. Jordan wrote that Johnson “invented the triple-double” and currently holds five NBA titles, which is one more than Curry.

Well, that settles it, right?

With someone like Michael Jordan chiming in on the matter, that should be the end of the debate, but that’s not the case at all. Some X users find it hard to believe that Jordan would text Stephen A. Smith about the matter in the first place.

“Stephen A wants us to believe Michael Jordan texted him and that doctors are willing to risk their medical licenses for him. We know where Stephen A really gets his info from,” parody sports account Ballsack Sports wrote on X.

Another X user said in a post that Stephen A. Smith is on LeBron James’ level when it comes to lying.


Well, with any sports debate, it’s all relative.

You can see more reactions to Michael Jordan giving his two cents in the gallery below.

Photo: Lori Shepler / Getty

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