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The past 12 months were filled with a wide assortment of excellent releases from a variety of indie label,s and numerous more self-released via either Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Audiomack, DJ Booth, Live Mixtapes or other lesser known venues and methods. Since it’s tough to keep track of what came out, that’s we have compiled this list […]

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“While You Were Sleeping” exists purely to showcase quality indie and underground Hip-Hop/Rap releases that are regularly overlooked, under promoted or downright ignored by most supposed “Rap” or “Hip-Hop” sites.

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Marco Polo is the producer your favorite producer hates to give props. When Hip-Hop snobs get an ear whiff of the beats that are created from his Canadian liar, they’re likely to invest their attention with him opposed to whatever boom-bap snap they were previously savoring over.

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Acclaimed produced Marco Polo drops a visual to accompany “G.U.R.U.,” featuring Talib Kweli and DJ Premier, a homage to late Gang Starr MC Keith “Guru” Elam. 

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Here’s one for the purists. Well respected producer Marco Polo drops a video for “3-O-Clock,” featuring Organized Konfusion, from his forthcoming PA2: The Director’s Cut album.

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We’re now halfway through May. A full third of 2013 is behind us and things are really beginning to heat up in more ways than one. Quality Hip-Hop is popping up with more and more frequency as the temperature rises, so we have new jawns to rock for sundress and cargo shorts season.

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After a gang of leaked (purposely) tracks, Marco Polo finally gets around to dropping his Newport Authority 2 mixtape.

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Homage should only be bestowed to the deserving, and with that we receive a tribute to fallen Gang Starr MC Keith “Guru” Elam, affectionately titled “G.U.R.U.” Almost three years after his death, producer Marco Polo and the legendary DJ Premier connect to create a groove that perfectly embodies both of their styles.

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Marco Polo is doing his best to be a one man real Hip-Hop revivalist. The esteemed producer drops a new record called “Back To Work,” featuring New Jersey on again, off again, on again rhyme duo The Artifacts.

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Producer Marco Polo drops the follow up to Rakim’s “What’s Wrong” with a track by another one of the culture’s all time greats, Big Daddy Kane. Titled “Nite & Day,” the song is a Hip-Hop lover’s dream.

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Producer Marco Polo knocks the dust off a previously unreleased Rakim song called “What’s Wrong.” The song was supposed to be part of the R’s Seventh Seal album back in 2009 before sample clearance issues prevented its release.

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Not every MC is enamored with the money, cars and jewelry typically associated with today’s Hip-Hop lifestyle. Craig G explains why his stance is such, while giving some precautionary advice to MCs hopelessly chasing the almighty dollar on his latest track, “That’s Good For You.” The track’s concept ties into the greater story that is Craig G’s […]