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The past 12 months were filled with a wide assortment of excellent releases from a variety of indie label,s and numerous more self-released via either Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Audiomack, DJ Booth, Live Mixtapes or other lesser known venues and methods. Since it’s tough to keep track of what came out, that’s we have compiled this list of 25 of the most overlooked and slept on underground Hip-Hop albums of 2013.

The unfortunate part of Rap media is that even though it’s had a significant online presence for over 15 years, the coverage and attention indie and underground Hip-Hop gets inequitable, at best. In order to combat that unfortunate reality here on Hip Hop Wired, I’ve selected  the following 25  projects (out of many equally deserving releases) as The 25 Most Slept On Underground Hip- Hop Albums Of 2013.

Here goes:


Billy Woods x Blockhead – Dour Candy (Backwoodz Studios)

Billy Woods & Blockhead  collaborated on one of the best and most overlooked Hip-Hop albums of 2013 in Dour Candy. Since independent Rap records don’t get anywhere near the same attention as their major label counterparts chances are you never even heard it…or even OF it. Find it.


Blame One x J57 – Walk In The Sun (SoulSpazm)

Veteran West Coast MC Blame One collaborated with J57 of the Brown Bag All Stars to make another of the best efforts to drop this year. Dope beats and bars make for a winning combination. If you slept wake up.


Boldy James x Alchemist – My 1st Chemistry Set (M.1.C.S) (Decon)

Alchemist had one hell of a year which included an incredible collaborative LP with Detroit up and comer Boldy James. Why Boldy James hasn’t gotten much attention from mainstream Rap publications is beyond me.


Boog Brown – The Late Bloom (SoulSpazm)

Boog Brown’s The Late Bloom started off  as a self distributed release that you could purchase via her Bandcamp page before it was picked up and given a full physical and digital release by SoulSpazm. I covered it on While You Were Sleeping way back while everyone else was well…sleeping.


CASTLE – Gasface (Mello Music Group)

CASTLE’s 2011 album Ditch Effort was released via his Bandcamp but it was engaging and inventive enough to be included on several Best Of 2011 lists (including mine). In 2013, he released his debut project on Mello Music Group and it is a concise project that puts album mad with more than 10x the budget to shame. Listen to it for yourselves


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