KON Sci – And Beyond (SoulSpazm)

KON Sci of MindsOne released his incredible self produced solo LP three weeks into 2013 and close to 50 weeks later it remains one of the best Rap albums of the entire year. All you need to do is hear And Beyond for yourself to realize that I’m not exaggerating in the least. My track record is bulletproof, homie…


Lewis Parker – The Puzzle Episode 2: The Glass Ceiling (King Underground)

Lewis Parker first came to the attention of Hip Hop heads stateside when he dropped his classic project Masquerades & Silhouettes in 1998. Fifteen years later he releases his latest masterpiece, a well constructed 30 track album inspired by James Bond soundtracks and concept albums called The Puzzle Episode 2: The Glass Ceiling. If you listen to albums like this all year long you can’t cosign mediocrity with a clear conscience.


Metabeats – Caviar Crackle (Associated Minds)

UK producer Metabeats made what is without a doubt one of 2013’s best overall Rap albums. WHy have people slept on it? First off, Metabeats is British. Secondly, he’s a British underground Rap producer. Third? The Rap magazines barely cover or pay attention to American indie or underground Rap albums so Caviar Crackle didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell in getting heard. That’s where I come in…


MidaZ The Beast – AU: Another Universe (HipNOTT)

Doxside Music Group’s spitter MidaZ The Beast entered the fray with an undeniable album called AU: Another Universe that featured production from IMAKEMADBEATS, TzariZM, Oh No, Marco Polo & Paten Locke. After hearing MidaZ verbally murder these beats you’ll be wondering how anyone could overlook this album as well.


Nametag x NAMELESS – For Namesake (Brick)

Detroit’s Nametag & Flint, MI’s NAMELESS decided to collaborate years ago and the end result was an impressive effort called “BLAOWW!!!”. Over the years they did more & more songs together before finally deciding to form a duo. Brick Records made the right call to give them a deal for their standout debut LP For Namesake. If you missed it there’s always time to fix that mistake.


Natti – Still Motion (QN5/A Piece Of Strange Music)

CunningLynguists member Natti released a tremendous solo album titled Still Motion that received less attention than Rob Kardashian when all of his sisters are in the same room as him. When you hear the aforementioned album you’ll realize the only way to rationalize how Rap journalists could overlook this amazing album is that they’re as lazy as Rob Kardashian.


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