The pull of addiction is no joke, which is why an Ohio man couldn’t help but ask the judge in his case for one more opportunity to get high. Judge Melba Marsh gave 19-year-old Damiane Mitchell a break when she sentenced him to rehab instead of jail time Wednesday (Nov. 14), and he thanked her […]

In a 2011 Associated Press report, 50,000 low-level weed arrests took place in New York per year, more than any other reported crime in the city’s justice system. One out of seven cases in criminal court involved pot, with Black and Hispanic men making up the bulk of the arrested. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

Elijah Dukes, a former major league baseball player and aspiring Hip-Hop artist, was apprehended by Tampa, Florida authorities early Thursday (Feb. 23) after he attempted to swallow a small amount of pot during a traffic stop. According to TampaBayOnline, Dukes, who goes by the rap name “Fly Eli,” was pulled over during a routine traffic stop […]