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On Saturday (Oct. 3), the "Birthday Party" candidate took to Twitter to tweet out his well wishes to the current First Family, before noting that he would have done the same thing if Joe and Jill Biden were on the receiving end as well.

Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19. Late Thursday night/early Friday morning (Oct. 2), the 74-year-old President of the United States revealed that he and First Lady Melania Trump have both tested positive for the coronavirus.


Needless to say the "WAP" rapper didn't think twice about clapping back at the comparison and went on to bring up Melania Trump's questionable past before she met the Racist-In-Chief asking "Didn't she used to sell that Wap?"

We are truly in the upside-down. The bootleg dictator Donald Trump is doing whatever in his power to keep Americans from using mail-in voting for this upcoming presidential election. Still, it's quite alright if he and his wife using the reliable method to safely vote.

Donald Trump is continuing his campaign trail of offense with his latest stop being in the city of Chicago.

The woman who played the FLOTUS in T.I.’s video might need some Grand Hustle muscle. Melania Marden claims she is now getting threats on her life.

Melania Trump, the self-called most bullied person in the world, has a beef with T.I. The Africa-visiting First Lady, well actually her PR rep, is calling for a boycott of T.I. after the rapper posted a video of a lookalike stripping in the White House. 

Donald Trump dropped a tweet that even topped his usual headass standards when he questioned the intelligence of Don Lemon and LeBron James. You know it’s bad when even Melania Trump has chosen to be on LeBron’s side. 

Melania Trump can’t win for losing. We have no sympathy for anyone who decided to marry Donald Trump, and now she has become meme fodder thanks to a blatantly stage photo of herself in the White House garden. 

Melania Trump gardening is peak comedy. Especially when her blatantly staged photo becomes the object of social media ridicule and memes.

In what appears to be a moment of extreme damage control for the Trump administration regarding the U.S. border crisis, First Lady Melania Trump traveled to the region Thursday (June 21). On her way over, Mrs. Trump wore a jacket that featured the words “I Really Don’t Care Do U?” on the back.