The recent acceptance that mental health is a real issue in the Black community that needs to be addressed and treated has been helped by celebrities such as Charlamagne Tha God and Jennifer Lewis who brought attention to the subject. But people tend to forget that Metta World Peace a.k.a Ron Artest was one of […]

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It took less than two weeks for Charles Ramsey to become an Internet sensation after saving three women from 10 years of captivity in a neighboring home. With this being the talk of the town, it only made sense for Snoop Dogg and his guest Metta World Peace to discuss the Cleveland man’s heroics on the rapper’s GGN web […]

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Rap heads might recall that awkward time period during the ’90s when it was a thing to rap and ball. Not ball in the tangential sense (ya know, with champagne and cars), but literally play basketball. Shaquille O’Neal did it when he discussed how “Phil” was his father (his biological didn’t bother) or rocked (what’s […]

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been playing better as of late and haven’t lost a game since the All-Star break. With that said, Metta World Peace drops some new music with indie legend, Tech N9ne called “Point Of No Return.” 

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For some odd, strange reason this pairing seemed completely impossible and irreverently inevitable at the same damn time. The most thorough researcher in Hip-Hop, Nardwuar, interviewed Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace. Nardwuar’s ability to bewilder his interview subjects are on full display yet again as he gifts the athlete turned rapper with gifts […]


In today’s latest word in the wacky world of Metta World Peace, the Lakers forward will be playing a detective in a Lifetime Movie Network film for Nancy Grace.  Couldn’t make this up if I tried to, folks. According to USA Today, The Eleventh Victim is a film based on a book written by television […]

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Hey Lakers fans, just in case you were wondering what your defensive specialist/resident lunatic Metta World Peace was doing in the offseason, here it is. The athlete formerly known as Ron Artest visited CTV and did the weather for the Vancouver station. He didn’t do too bad, and Metta World Peace is a pretty smooth […]

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Well, here is something that is completely normal. Metta World Peace filmed a crazy viral video for Limelight Mental Health promoting mental health. Makes sense if you don’t think about it. Get a look at this after the jump.

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The water cooler talk since yesterday has been Metta World Peace‘s regression back in to Ron-Ron from Queensbridge. Like Prodigy said, “my dun Ron-Ron Artest will teach y’all about wildin'” and the recently mild mannered World Peace had a little flashback to his days as a wildman in the NBA. Although in real time, the […]

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Today, Metta World Peace once again became crazy Ron Artest from Queensbridge. During the Lakers vs. Thunder game, World Peace threw down a dunk and while celebrating James Harden made the mistake of being in the vicinity of the Tru Warier Records rapper/basketball player. After pounding his chest, World Peace sent a vicious elbow toward […]