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It took less than two weeks for Charles Ramsey to become an Internet sensation after saving three women from 10 years of captivity in a neighboring home. With this being the talk of the town, it only made sense for Snoop Dogg and his guest Metta World Peace to discuss the Cleveland man’s heroics on the rapper’s GGN web series.

After getting a laugh from Ramsey’s hilarious emergency call, the duo got the bright idea to dial the number provided in the audio. One could only imagine how much the McDonald’s aficionado’s phone is ringing off the hook these days, so of course he didn’t answer. Luckily, a representative got in touch with Snoop and eventually put him on the phone with Ramsey.

The legendary MC was quick to say “I just want to commend you for great work. You’re a hero,” to which Ramsey replied, “What’s crack-a-lackin’?”

That was pretty much how the interview went, as the Ohio native shared a few choice words for a man claiming to have helped him save the victims. And by choice words, we mean a slew of expletives and racial epithets. Prepare for ample laughs.

See the full footage below.

Photo: YouTube