In today’s episode of Now, Sis’, What Is You Doin’? a high school cafeteria worker in Louisiana has been arrested after being accused of selling cannabis edibles to students, which would indicate that she has taken the “high” part of “high school” far too literally. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Please don’t block me.)


On March 17, LaKevia Jackson, who happened to be the mother of one of rapper Young Thug's sons, was killed after a dispute in a bowling alley. A man with a lengthy rap sheet, Joshua Fleetwood, has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Realizing her good fortune, reflected on her past by way of sharing a mugshot and announced that her album is on the way.

Toxic relationships are full of passion and heat, but can go left at the drop of a dime and Megan Thee Stallion is no stranger to such. The Houston star shared details of her 2015 arrest for fighting with an ex-boyfriend after discovering he cheated on her and fathered a child.

Trick Daddy found himself the butt of jokes after his mugshot went viral in the wake of his arrest in Miami last week. After the avalanche of comments, the Florida rapper made it known that the jokes at his expense didn’t move a thing in him.

One of film’s most heralded child stars was caught hitting the sauce too hard. Henry Thomas was popped for drinking and driving.

Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson got arrested this weekend. The NBA player got pinched, allegedly, for trying to repeatedly get into the VIP section at Rolling Loud Miami despite not having the proper credentials.

Comedian and actor Faizon Love, recently seen in BET’s New Edition biopic, was arrested for fighting a valet at a Columbus, Ohio airport shortly after his arrival. Yes, there is footage. 

  For your enjoyment, Hip-Hop Wired assembles the 25 most hilarious celebrity mugshots of all time. You like? Let us know in the comments. — Photo: Tallahassee Police Dept. Chris Brown has been in jail a little over a month now, but he was already looking weary and haggard when he was arrested in Washington, DC last October. A mugshot of Brown from the arrest that put him in his current predicament has hit the Internets. 

Donovan McNabb has some explaining to do. The former NFL quarterback was popped for driving under the influence, but his mugshot reveals that is only the start of his current struggle. 

Justin Bieber is on one. As you probably know, the Canadian Pop star with an affinity for struggle was arrested last night for drinking and drag racing. The Beebs’ mugshot has been revealed and he is sporting a Kool-Aid smile and a mean crazy eye (probably due to being drunk and high), too.