: Murder By Numbers

“It’d be a Kendrick Grammy situation if I don’t make the class,” rhymes Jamla’s Rapsody on “Murder By Numbers.” That’s of course a reference to XXL‘s annual Freshman list, an honor that’s evaded the North Carolina wordsmith for years.

If this video was a Jeopardy answer, the question would be “what is irony?” 50 Cent’s new video is called “Money,” where he basically says he has nothing to talk about besides money.

Fans will have to wait a little while longer (until the end of the work week) for 50 Cent’s free album, 5:Murder By Numbers, and to make up for the delay he’s dropped some new music. Reebok’s $80 million man just released “Leave the Lights On.” The G-Unit  founder starts talking about s*xual relations, veers […]

It’s getting hard to determine which of 50 Cent’s many claims at any given moment will actually come true. Case in point, the Queens rapper was supposed drop a free album, 5: Murder By Numbers, today. That didn’t happen. Today, the G-Unit mastermind did reveal the artwork for the aforementioned title (see below), which will […]