nas’ son knight

With all of the drama that has erupted in the case of Nas v. Kelis, the singer says that their quarreling is finally over and they have ceased in continuing to fight. Speaking with US Weekly, the former wife of the rapper revealed that they are not on good terms with one another and are […]

Some things in life are just uncalled for and Kelis is easily making herself the top contender for being Beyotch of the year. It’s bad enough that she is trying to make Nas pay a debatable amount of money in child and spousal support, but now the rapper is stating that he basically has to […]

Although Nas has won the battle with the birth of his son Knight, he has lost the war with Kelis as the judge has ordered the rapper to pay his soon to be ex-wife close to $40,000 per month for spousal and child support. Court records have shown that Nas will provide monthly temporary spousal […]