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Although Nas has won the battle with the birth of his son Knight, he has lost the war with Kelis as the judge has ordered the rapper to pay his soon to be ex-wife close to $40,000 per month for spousal and child support.

Court records have shown that Nas will provide monthly temporary spousal support which amounts to $30,471 and support for his son Knight which accumulates to $9,027.

A day after his new son was brought to the World, the Queensbridge native was given the ruling yesterday in Los Angeles by Superior Court Judge Lous Meisinger. The amount that the rapper has been ordered to pay may pass the amount that Russell Simmons has been making to his former wife Kimora Lee for his two daughters. To add insult to injury, Nas was ruled to pay Kelis’ attorney and forensic accountant $45,000 in fees.

Mark Kaplan, Nas’ lawyer, attempted to make the request that his client be allowed to pay the earlier reported amount of $20,000 per month until they meet again on September 8 for another hearing, but the judge shut the request down stating that Kelis was entitled to maintain the lifestyle she has had while being married.

In defense of the wages required, Kelis’ divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, has defended it by stating that the singer’s income has seen a drastic decline in the year. The only problem that Kelis may have to face is what home she will choose to live in as she has 30 days to decide if she will return to their Los Angeles home, which, of course, Nas is paying for as well. Hmm….decisions, decisions.

Reports were confirmed by Kelis that Nas was there to support the birth of the child, but was not allowed to actually witness it or even enter the hospital.

Aside from a new son, Nas can be happy that Kelis wasn’t awarded the initial amount of $80,000 that she was requesting.