During the 2021 NBA Draft, Clarke was made an honorary draft selection in one of the most emotional moments we've seen in sports all year.


Just a week after declaring for the NBA Draft, Tulane University basketball stat Teshaun Hightower has been arrested for the murder of a man in Stockbridge, GA.

The incoming 2019 rooking class of the NBA is packed with young talent, emphasis on the youth part as evidenced by their lack of Hip-Hop knowledge. When challenged on trying to guess the name of famed Atlanta duo Outkast, the draftees failed miserably but that’s to be expected due to age.

In a move that should be shocking to no one with even a minuscule knowledge of college basketball knowledge, Zion Williamson has declared for the NBA draft. The Duke freshman made the announcement on Monday (April 15).

The jig is up. LiAngelo Ball—Lonzo’s brother, LaVar’s son—went undrafted during last night’s (June 21) 2018 NBA Draft. 

In what is the biggest news thus far in the early NBA off season, the Charlotte Hornets traded big man Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets. In the swap, Timofey Mozgov heads to the Hornets and the deal will clear major cap space for 2019.

NBA prospect Marvin Bagley is already set to be a rich man and he hasn’t even been drafted yet. Reportedly, the Duke star is going to sign a deal with Puma. 

Foot Locker just nailed it. In a new spot, the de facto no. 1 draft pick of the NBA Draft, Ben Simmons, gets some rookie advice from Officer D’Angelo Russell, and it’s hilarious.

An extremely tall journalist just a did a number on exposing the gold digger and thot culture in professional sports.

In tonight’s 2015 NBA Draft the New York Knicks went ahead and drafted Kristaps Porzingis, a talented 19-year-old 7 footer with a good jump shot but allegedly suspect defense. The latter is what the Knicks don’t need and they left point guard Emmanuel Mudiay on the board (Denver scooped him at No. 7). 

While still processing the decision of LeBron James to return to the Cavaliers, an overtly excited Drake described the extent to which he’d go to “better support” his longtime comrade.

Just for the record, we called this. The NBA’s top draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, has signed an endorsement deal with adidas Basketball.