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An extremely tall journalist just a did a number on exposing the gold digger and thot culture in professional sports.

Connor Toole, a humor writer for popular website Elite Daily, stands at 6’10” and took part in a hilarious social media experiment where he pretended to get drafted in yesterday’s 2015 NBA Draft and he seriously reaped the benefits.

With the 61st pick in the 2015 NBA Draft (there are only 60 picks for those not hip to sports) Toole donned a suit, a Utah Jazz cap and a confident swagger and marched around New York City like he owned the place. It worked. He even gained access to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center all because he looked like he belonged there.

Afterwards, he was treated to free shots in bars, unlimited selfie photo-ops, access to pierced nipples and even got phone numbers from chicks on the streets. If that isn’t the definition of “celebrity treatment,” the term needs to be reanalysed for a deeper meaning.

Watch Toole live out his hoop dreams with his 2015 NBA Draft charade in the video down below. It is pure greatness.

Photo: YouTube/Elite Daily

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