Nia Long

Nia Long has signed on to the limited documentary series "Let The World See", which will have her reading excerpts from the memoir of Mamie Till-Mobley as the show documents her life and the events leading up to her decision to show the world how her son, Emmett Till was brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955.

Nia Long appeared in their new "Therapy" spot with actor and comedian Deon Cole, and Ms. Long shared some details about working with the company, how she uses the products herself, and more.

Hip-Hop Wired briefly spoke with Johnson's "Friday" co-star Nia Long, who shared that her memories of the star and his body of work will live on forever.

Actress Nia Long is 47-years-young today (Oct. 30). Yes, it’s hard to believe. 

Nia Long didn’t win any friends during her time on the set filming for the Fox network hit series, Empire, and was reportedly a nightmare to work with if the chatter is true. According to a new report, Long clashed with Taraji P. Henson to the point of silent standoffs and was also said to […]


Nia Long will not lose. Just a few weeks after ABC announced it was canceling Uncle Buck (after a single season) the 45-year-old beauty popped up on Roxanne Shanté’s Instagram page and revealed that she’ll be playing the mother of the Hip-Hop legend in the biopic to the Queens rapper life, Roxanne Roxanne.

What’s good for the goose could sometimes prove great for the gander.

Nia Long is feeling the full wrath of Black Twitter for going against the grain. The mother of two, posted an image of herself on Instagram with the hashtag #AllLivesMatter and she caught some serious heat for it.

Hip-Hop Wired lists a bevy of Hollywood stars whose prime, beauty wise, wasn’t during their 20s. These men and women seem to get better with age, beginning with the beauty below. Halle Berry Berry won us over as a rising actress in the 90s. This we know, but now, she’s a grown woman.

Remember when Nick Cannon dressed in whiteface to promote his album, White People Party Music and got whitewashed in his Twitter mentions?

On April 26, 1995, Ice Cube, DJ Pooh, and F. Gary Gray changed the game with their comedy classic, Friday.

50 Cent hasn’t had to tell us this is his year. He’s showing us with major announcements every step of the way.