The Big Aristotle went on record to say he was not linked to 'Tiger King" figure Joe Exotic to the degree some thought, but the retired NBA star is connected with Greater Wynnewood Animal Park and owner Jeff Lowe.


It almost got a little spooky for a PETA protestor in New York yesterday (October 8) when Lil’ Kim was heading to an engagement. The protestor got a little too close for comfort and there was a moment the Queen Bee was set to offer the taper and the fade.


Waka Flocka knows health is wealth but is no longer claiming vegan. He has recently dropped the plant-based diet he formerly advocated.

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Russell Simmons’ RushCard woes have quietly faded from the public eye so now the music mogul is putting his humanitarian efforts elsewhere.


Yesterday evening (September 30), the Wu-Tang Clan’s leader RZA was honored for his years of disciple within diet at PETA’s 35th Anniversary party.

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Fur isn’t going anywhere.  

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Chris Brown & Karrueche are inseparable once again and on their latest outing, they let their inner beast hang on the outside of their skin with a pair of fur coats.

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If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can pretty much stumble upon all kinds of nudity by accident. The folks at PETA make it a whole lot easier by enlisting naked celebrities as spokespeople.

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Ahead of Wu-Tang’s A Better Tomorrow, RZA stars in a brand-new PETA ad campaign in which the legendary spitter announces that “A Better Tomorrow Is a Vegan Tomorrow. I Am RZA, and I Am Vegan.”

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Atlanta R&B group TLC has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity lately thanks to a biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, on VH1. Perhaps to capitalize off that bump in popularity, PETA teams with Chilli for a new ad campaign to “Boycott The Circus,” which finds the singer naked except for tiger body paint. 

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In these braggadocios times, fur is to rap culture what A$AP Rocky’s struggle braids are to his image; it doesn’t always look right, but it just kinda goes together. One person not buying this theory is Waka Flocka Flame.