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In these braggadocios times, fur is to rap culture what A$AP Rocky’s struggle braids are to his image; it doesn’t always look right, but it just kinda goes together.

One person not buying this theory is Waka Flocka Flame.

Waka signed on for PETA’s “Ink Not Mink” campaign last year,  and revealed in a new interview with AOL’s TheBoomBox, that to him fur is still disgusting, and pretty wack. “Every time I think about furs I just think about pimps and big-a$$ rings and somebody trying to be too extra,” he said. “You wear fur, it’s like you trying to be something you not.”

A rapper pretending to be something other than their true identity is a pre-requisite  for some(no shots, Rick Ross), which makes wearing fur a perfectly normal step on the journey to hip-hop stardom. Right?

That being said, we found a bunch of rappers who subscribe to a lifestyle that includes one or more dead animal draped around their shoulders.

Check out 10 rappers who love to rock fur …but don’t tell Waka, he might run up on them with a can of paint.


Photos: Gina DePinto/AOL/Instagram

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