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Celebrity Sightings in New York City - October 8, 2019

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It almost got a little spooky for a PETA protestor in New York yesterday (October 8) when Lil’ Kim was heading to an engagement. The protestor got a little too close for comfort and there was a moment the Queen Bee was set to offer the taper and the fade.

TMZ has the rest:

Lil Kim wasn’t about to let an anti-fur protester tell her what animals she can and can’t wear … nearly trading blows with the woman before security stepped in.

Kim was outside Verizon Media Studios in New York City Tuesday when multiple anti-fur protesters started shouting “Stop wearing fur!” at Kim. One woman got just a little too close for LK’s liking … and that’s when she started walking toward the woman telling her to “back up” several times.

Lucky for the protester, Kim’s security stepped in between the two and diffused the situation, ’cause it looked like the rapper was ready to throw down.

Check out the footage by clicking here.

UPDATE: PETA has released a statement to clarify swirling reports that Lil’ Kim engaged with a protester from the group. The woman that the rapper is seen confronting was not with PETA and the organization has sent a letter to Lil’ Kim’s rep urging her to donate the fur and offered to provide a faux fur as a replacement.

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