Wiz Khalifa has to spend all that rap money he makes on something. TMZ reports that the Taylor Gang leader splurged on a $900,000 crib in Canonsburg, PA, which is about 18 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. The hefty price tagged nabbed the haze friendly MC a modern, 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house that tops out at […]

Nardwuar vs. Mac Miller Celebrity interviewer Nardwuar was back with another odd but entertaining encounter. This time Rostrum Records rapper Mac Miller talked Pittsburgh rap history with Nardwuar, who knew more about Pittsburgh rap than anyone who is not from the Steel City should know. Watch the interview here: Watch More New Videos Here

David Hackbart has to be proud to be an American, because only in this great country can a person give a police officer “the finger” and receive a substantial amount of money for it. The 35-year-old man was awarded $50,000 after accusing the city of Pittsburgh of violating his civil rights, an accusation that stems […]

“Apartheid Education” is what the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the NAACP, feels is the appropriate example to describe Pittsburgh’s public education system, and furthermore, explain the educational divide that separates the city’s Black and White students like a chasm forged with falling meteors. The famed organization marched in a protest through […]

A 6-foot tall burning cross gave view to a side of one small Pennsylvania community that Joe and Candy Walbeck never knew existed. The couple was shocked to find the charred remains of what was once a staple in the old south upon their doorstep. Residing in a predominately white neighborhood, the Walbecks have been […]

Before starting, a brief introduction may be necessary as to who or what a Wiz Khalifa is. For those that are unaware, Khalifa is a 22-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh whose rap career launched in 2006 from his debut album, Show and Prove which was able to catch the eye of Rolling Stone as an artist […]

First lady Michelle Obama is taking on a new role. She is playing International hostess to the spouses of world leaders during the G-20 Summit. The first lady is treating the ladies to various cultural events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania including a visit to a farm, a visit to a school and a tour of a […]

The man who open-fired at a Pittsburgh L.A. Fitness, killing four woman and later turned the gun on himself, had a long history of radical anti-government sentiment dating back to the early days of the web. In this case, police have discovered a journal the murderer kept the year before he committed this gruesome crime. […]