Mia Khalifa is facing criticism after showing support of Hamas and its attacks on Israel, causing her to lose business deals.


The digital publisher has long offered clothing via its Playboy Shop, and a new collaboration puts the spotlight on a rising artist who depicts the myriad of beauty found within the Black experience.


Playboy Magazine is closing their print operations. The raunchy periodical had cut their physicals releases to quarterly installments as digital age had negatively impacted their business model too.


Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has a little-known history as a supporter of civil rights, Black creativity, and Black expression.


Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has died.


Loon, a former Bad Boy Records artist, was one a buzzing fixture on the Hip-Hop scene around the turn of the century. Long removed from his rap glory, the Harlem rapper now known as Amir Junaid Muhadith is currently serving time and prison and is the focus of a new profile by Playboy magazine.

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Hugh Hefner’s signature publication is doing away with its airbrushed, overhyped nudes and possibly fading into irrelevance.


To say Playboy magazine closing the coffin on their nude photo shoots is an end of era wouldn’t quite do this scenario justice. For longer than half a century, the Bunny has been a genericized icon for a human’s first encounter with the sexual nature as you would be hard-pressed to find an adult without […]

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Karlie Redd is working her way up the struggle ladder climbed by many reality stars before her. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member will pose for Playboy’s sister site, Playboy Plus.

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Bell Biv DeVoe tried to tell us “never trust a big butt and a smile” and two Argentine pilots are out of work after letting Greek Playboy model Vicky Xipolitakis fly their plane like it was a video game.


When you need to get to the Playboy mansion in a hurry the only logical commute would be a tunnel from your house straight to Hugh Heffner’s land of bountiful bunnies. Jack Nicholson, Warren Beaty, and other celebrities did just that, allegedly.


Azealia Banks has a way with words, be they in song or on social media. The feisty rapper/musician’s Playboy magazine interview has dropped and as you should have expected it features her unfiltered take on race, music, word choice, reparations and her admitting that being like Jay Z is her goal.