The world is eagerly waiting for some solid details about Sony’s next console, the PS5. While we still don’t have much to go on, the tech giant did quietly roll out the website dedicated to the next generation system.

Just like last year, Sony will not be showing at the 2020 edition of the E3 conference the company has confirmed.

Microsoft has shown its hand with the revealing of the Xbox Series X, and now there is a possible colossal development in regards to PlayStation 5 having backwards compatibility.

Back in August, photos surfaced of what many to believe to be the devkit for Sony’s next console PlayStation 5. More photos have service confirming that to be the case.

We have a date, well sort of… Today (Oct.8), Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will be arriving “holiday 2020.” The tech giant also spilled the beans on one of the significant changes coming to the next generation console when it arrives.

Despite what our bonehead “president” and his army of lame Republicans say, climate change R E A L. Companies, for the most part, have been trying to figure out how they can help reduce their carbon footprints. PlayStation announced that will be teaming up with the United Nations to make their next console eco-friendly.

Sony surprised the video game world when it revealed details on its next-generation console PlayStation 5. Now it’s being reported during an earnings call the expected released date for PS5 has been revealed, and it’s still some ways away.