This time, the Fox News host took a swipe at Americans receiving unemployment benefits and suggested a way to get them back to work is to cut off their privileges.

With the economy slowly recovering and normalcy appearing to be on the rise, Child Tax Credit payments will begin hitting bank accounts this week.

There has been heavy speculation of Russian meddling in American politics for years but this would be the biggest revelation yet.

News broke early Wednesday (July 7) that Haiti President Jovenel Moïse was killed during an attack on his residence by several gunmen, leaving his wife injured. As the news is still developing, we've scoured several news outlets to gain more information.

A new report reveals that Toyota donated large sums of money to GOP elected officials who flat-out rejected the results of the election and many on Twitter are calling the company out.

Recently, Barrow was named the leader of a powerful Belizean political party as he continues his rise as an elected official.

Gen. Milley addressed Congress at a hearing on Wednesday, explaining directly to Rep. Matt Gaetz that he seeks to understand "white rage" and pushed back on accusations of being "woke" but members of the elected body.

During his nightly news program, Williams had choice words for Donald Trump supporter, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, this after the state leader vetoed a bill that would protect dogs from mistreatment.

Demings has just announced that she will be challenging Republican Party U.S. Senator Marco Rubio for his seat, and it appears that this will be a race to watch in 2022.

A clip of the chat was teased today on the TODAY show, and many on Twitter are reacting to the seemingly chilling tone Vice President Harris used with Holt and have plenty to say about the exchange.

Over the weekend, many on the right took issue with Harris wishing Americans an enjoyable holiday weekend.

Lil Baby and Ben Crump were also present for a meeting, which included talks with Vice President Harris.