While the music world and Hip Hop fans alike know how many songs have been able to become a smash hit, it’s even better when someone can do a full time jack move with a freestyle that makes some fans that the song should have belonged to that particular artist in the first place. Once […]

“Beanie Sigel is going at Jay-Z, huh?  Is that what it’s come to in Hip-Hop?  Hip-Hop is Fawking wack.” Mr. No Comment seems to have unlocked the key and is speaking his piece once again.  As Beanie Sigel has finally aired his grievances on wax, many artists are beginning to throw in their opinions about […]

“They told me that if I don’t come with another one, I’m going to get dropped.” Some artists have the curse of the debut album that they are unable to escape.  If they are able to nab a classic piece or work, it is almost impossible for any future releases to ever amount to that […]